The Fall Of Babylon
By Benjamin Fulford
What we are witnessing is the fall of the 6,000-year old system of Babylonian debt slavery. The human ants are running around in increasing panic because they sense something big has happened. Most are blind so they cannot see that the eye at the top of the human ant-hill, or pyramid, has been overthrown. There is chaos because the people at the top cannot agree on what to do next.
Here is a humble suggestion on how the end the chaos and start an unprecedented era of prosperity. First of all, we need to replace the God we call money with a symbol of the world. A new currency would be issued, call it say a Mundo or ??and, for a limited period of time, it could be exchanged on a one for one basis with dollars or euros. The U.S. and the EU could then replace their currencies with something new, perhaps something like the greenback. The old dollar and euro would become something to be found in curiosity and antique shops. Other national or regional currencies could remain as they are.
The new currency would then be handed out each month on an equal basis to all humans on earth based on current world GDP. This would amount to roughly 8,000 Mundos per person annually. For the first time many humans will be able to afford the basic commodities of consumer life, such as a television, triggering a vast economic boom.
In addition to this, every human would be given, as a basic human right, access to the minimum necessary nutrition and emergency medical care.
In order to preserve nature, an inventory would be kept and destruction of nature would result in a loss of currency calculated according to some sort of basket based on things like the number of whales and the amount of rainforest etc.
Benjamin Fulford



  1. PureEnergy says:

    Este fulford mostro la ilacha y de la peor forma!!

    se las da de querer detener los planes del nom y ahra sale sujiriendo una moneda global!! y que se reparta asi como en un regimen medio comunista.

    Estos tipos son todos iguales al final.

  2. bettablue says:

    Yo creo que se le ha ido la olla, francamente. A lo mejor ha sufrido una gran dosis de brain washing. Le veo cada dia menos coherente. Este articulo tan corto, es raro raro.

  3. Buck says:

    There is no need for any of this communist restructuring – just stop the illuminati from murdering billions of people and supressing free energy technology that has existed for decades. People won’t destroy the environment if they aren’t forced to burn fossil fuels and cut down trees to survive. Stop forcing nations to trade with each other using money ex. China sends the US 1000 tons of grain-the US sends back 1000 tons of cotton. The Rothschilds created the need to use money instead of bartor to ensure economic disasters. Just stop them, and everything else will work just fine. They design and carry out every war, and it’s admitted and documented.

  4. sat7 says:

    Este es el título:
    The Fall Of Babylon
    By Benjamin Fulford

    Pero debería ser este:
    The Fall of Benjamín Fulford
    By Babylon

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