C.H. reveals more details


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Final Illumination Part 1

The area my mother and I served in involved direct contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy. I don’t know how far she advanced in the ranks before her death, but my suspicion is that she reached her final initiation as I later did.
It was around 1985 when the masters informed me that it was necessary for them to take me to next and final step of Illumination. I was told that not all of the masters were in agreement over this decision. Some felt that too much was at risk and more time was needed in which to properly prepare me, but there was no extra time. My assigned duties along with The Plan’s progression required that I enter the next level then or not at all. Because so much had already been invested in me, the final decision made was to go ahead with my final initiation after a very short and condensed preparation period of about three weeks. Also explained to me was the nature of the risk.There was what they called, “a fly in the ointment” that posed a problem. With out the full preparation time, the possibility existed that they, the masters, would lose me; that I would be a Judas to the group and speak out against them and The Plan before millions of people. This ultimately would bring death to some of their physical members and possibly lead to their down fall.


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