ILLUMINATI DEFECTOR C.H. sharing important information

beautiful-13I have no picture of her, she has to keep herself in the shadow, for her own safety.  But I am sure she is beautiful, like she mentions her mother was.

Thank you for your kind gesture, C.H. in sharing this information with the rest of the world,  and I mean the part of the world that is being chastised and manipulated and terrorized and considered expendable, I mean _us_,  the ones who will have to get their act together very soon in order to prevent these terrible plans  by the dark organization of pure evil,  being put into practice.  


I shall now proceed to quote from C.H.´s own website:

A few outtakes:

Church Infiltration – My mother’s experience, my experiences
Recruiting Doctors, Pastors, and Priests to serve in “The Plan”.


–the launching of and what it meant to those who served “The Plan”.

Dag Hammarskjold

– about his death.

As a child I knew the steps of progression “The Plan” would take toward the New World Order.

I knew that in the future toward the end of the century that a man would be chosen to verbally introduce to the world, some of our esoteric terms. George Herbert Walker Bush carried this out.

Some of these the terms are:

A New World Order, Global, A Thousand Points of Light, masses, implement (as implement A New World Order, implement The Plan), usher in and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.

In my late teens and early twenty’s I was tied in with practicing Satanists and drug smugglers.
Here is a list of topics I can talk about from personal experience, followed by some of my written material.
Angels of The Most High God
My First Prayer – An Angel of The Most High God appeared to me. The message was to pray to God and good things will happen through prayer. (This entire experience; the angel, my prayer, the answer to my prayer is significant).
The Last Day of Prayer in The Public School System. – my memory of
Fallen Angels

I know a lot about them since I have had them around me most of my life. I also suffered years of Extreme Physical Abuse at the hands of Demons. Was literally like the bedroom scene on the movie, “The Exorcist”, (No Vomiting or rotating head though). As far as I know, I have never been demonically possessed.
Demonic Force Fields that paralyze

– I have a couple of significant experiences.
“Spirit Filled” Christians

– I have known a number of them who were unknowingly being more influenced by an un-Holy spirit.
Extraterrestrials, The Greys, different types of Greys, Androids working for The Greys,(a lot about The Greys).

Light Beings

Wesack Festival

– My mothers experience.
Human Doubles

– my mother’s, my son’s, and mine.
Human Experimentation

(US Navy Test “Guinea Pig”)–My Father’s personal experience).
Church Infiltration

– My mother’s experience, my experiences
Recruiting Doctors, Pastors, and Priests to serve in “The Plan”.

–the launching of and what it meant to those who served “The Plan”.
Dag Hammarskjold

– about his death.
As a child I knew the steps of progression “The Plan” would take toward the New World Order.

I knew that in the future toward the end of the century that a man would be chosen to verbally introduce to the world, some of our esoteric terms. George Herbert Walker Bush carried this out.

Some of these the terms are:

A New World Order, Global, A Thousand Points of Light, masses, implement (as implement A New World Order, implement The Plan), usher in and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.
In my late teens and early twenty’s I was tied in with practicing Satanists and drug smugglers.

In the early 1970’s, the media followed a major event in Tampa Florida. It was the trial of “Billy the Warlock”, a ‘friend’ of mine. He was on trial for a satanic murder/sacrifice. I was not directly involved, though a number of my friends and room-mates were. When my room-mates returned home after the sacrifice I was told every gory detail, including how the body was disposed of. They were afraid that they would be found and arrested because the other person to be sacrificed was clever enough to escape.


In 1941: My Mother’s Intro To “The Plan”
My mother at age 16 was recruited into “The Plan”.
One of the “masters of wisdom” materialized in front of her. He told her that “they” had been watching her for a long time and liked what they saw. The master went on to say that she, my mother, had proven to possess the high degree of spiritual illumination and the ‘natural psychic abilities’ that was necessary to serve in “The Spiritual Hierarchy”.
As far as I know, the only member of my mother’s family who knew that she was chosen for Hierarchical work was her grandfather (her father’s father).

My mother shared a close spiritual bond with her grandfather that no one else in the family had. Whenever she spoke of him to me, she referred to him as a very spiritual and Godly man.
I don’t know if any other close family member was a part of “the brotherhood” I wonder about my uncle, my mother’s older brother. I have only a hint that he had ties to those who were part of the physical workings of “the Plan”. My uncle was also a very spiritual man and a Freemason. He was military and a known genius. In addition to all of this, my grandmother had mentioned to me several times that President Truman

had wanted my uncle “to be his right hand man”. What that means, I have no idea. I was taught to never ask any questions unless I had been invited to do so.
A Story of Successful Church Infiltration By My Mother

My Mother, who was involved in church infiltration and the recruiting of individuals open to esoteric theology, began attending a Methodist Church in Tampa, Fl. around 1958. She and some of her like-minded friends made the pastor their target. Weekly, the ladies met at our home for “prayer” which amounted to spiritualistic practices and exercises to increase their psychic abilities. In one of their exercises they directed their energies as a unified strength toward their subject, the pastor of the Methodist Church. In agreement, they worked on sending one telepathic impression at a time. Sending an impression

is a very basic form of telepathy. It is also a good place to start from when one is trying to influence a closed mind.
impression —n.
1. a strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings, conscience, etc.
Through out the week the ladies in unison would continue to send the same impression to the pastor at a specific time each day from where ever they were at that moment. The next step involved personal contact with the pastor. One or more of the ladies would engage in a simple conversation with the pastor. Sometimes it was merely a question or a passing statement. Something would be said that related to the impression that the ladies had been sending all week. This was to trigger the impression to come forward into the conscious mind, if it was not already there being entertained. This is called a

. Usually the first time or two this happens to the recipient, they consider the triggered thought to be just a coincidence. If all goes according to plan, as it did with this pastor, the subject soon believes that the messages are coming from God.
suggestion —n.
1. the calling up in the mind of one idea by another by virtue of some association or of some natural connection between the ideas.

the process of inducing a thought, sensation, or action in a receptive person without using persuasion and without giving rise to reflection in the recipient.
To further strengthen a suggestion a book or reading material might be planted where the subject will run across it.
I don’t know if my mother and her group ever did this with the Methodist pastor. I never heard them talk about it and I never saw them plant anything for the pastor to find.

I was there however, that Sunday when my mother telepathically dictated an entire sermon to the pastor.

The congregation responded so favorably that after the service, many people stayed to talk with the pastor. I stood with my mother and her friends in the church courtyard watching the pastor as he eventually made his way over to us. With enthusiasm, the ladies greeted him, giving him compliments on the subject matter of his sermon. He graciously thanked them and said that he didn’t know where that sermon had come from. He said that he had prepared an altogether different one for that morning, but that when he got up to the pulpit, he felt inspired and lead to abandon his original sermon in favor of a new one that was forming in his mind as he spoke. The ladies began to giggle. Then one of them spoke up, “We know where the sermon came from”. They turned their attention to my mother who began to giggle with them. I looked over at the pastor who looked a bit puzzled. “You got it from me.” my mother said, “I sent it to you.” Now the pastor looked more intrigued than anything. He asked my mother to explain what she meant by that. She said, “Like I said, you got the sermon from me.” She then opened up her purse and took out a folded piece of paper, which turned out to be several pieces of typewritten paper. She handed it to him, saying, “I put this together for you yesterday.” There was silence as he examined the papers. He looked up in sheer amazement. “This looks like it’s word for word! It’s the sermon I gave today! How did you…”?
Before he could finish the sentence, my mother skillfully took the focus off of herself and put the focus onto the pastor. “It’s not how I did anything. This is about you and your abilities. You are gifted with the ability to receive higher levels of spiritual understanding. Not everyone can do this you know. Few have eyes to see and ears to hear and even fewer are chosen.” The pastor listened more intently as my mother continued to talk. When his curiosity and interest reached a peak, my mother and her friends excused themselves saying that obligations at home were waiting for them and that they had better be going.
They left the pastor with just enough information to cause him to hunger and thirst after more.

I know the pastor bought into it. Sunday after Sunday he made a point to “visit” with the ladies after church. He had picked up their esoteric terminology and spoke their “language” with ease.

Here is one of my own stories of a church infiltration. This one was not successful.

I think it was 1984 when a group of seven of us first entered the chosen church to be infiltrated. Our mentor had already visited the church several times and decided it was a go. We were on for the next Sunday. She took a few days to prepare us for our initial entry to the church. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” she said. None of us had ever been to a charismatic church before, but by the time she finished with us, you’d have thought that we had been raised in one.
Sunday came. As planned, we met outside of the church, walked in together, and took our seats in the front, just to the pastor’s left. Everything seemed to be going smoothly except for one thing which I found a bit disturbing. The pastor’s eyes seemed to be glued to us. When I tried to avert eye contact from the pastor, I noticed that one of the church elders was also watching us. He seemed to be praying as he looked in our direction. I had a strong feeling that he was going to come over to us. I hoped to God that he wouldn’t, but he did. As he left his post and headed our way, a jolt of fear ran through me. I wondered what he was going to do when he got to us. He singled out our mentor, and quietly told her that he felt very strongly that God wanted him to pray for her. Would she mind if he did so, he asked. She agreed and he began to pray. He began to pray against spiritual wickedness and the forces of darkness around her. I remember being impressed with his ability to sense the spiritual presence, but I was not impressed that he mistook it for evil and darkness. He had much to learn I thought. When the elder finished praying and our mentor sat back in her seat I noticed that her eyes were blood shot and she appeared to be suffering from some sort of pain. I had never seen her look like that. After church I asked her about it. She pretty much passed it off as nothing, then made a topic change to discuss the poor misguided elder who could at least sense something spiritual even if he was mixed up on the source.

The next week seemed to fly by. It was Sunday again. The seven of us met outside of the church, walked in together and sat exactly where we sat the week before. Again the pastor’s eyes were glued on us. The elder was watching us too. About half way through the service the elder made his way over to us and asked our mentor if he could pray for her. Same as he had the week before, he began to pray against the forces of darkness that surrounded her. As he prayed, she began to tremble. The more he prayed, to more she trembled. I thought she was going to faint. Then I noticed her eyes. They were starting to redden up like they had the last Sunday. After the service she excused herself saying that she was tired and needed to go home to rest.

Another week passed and we made our third visit to the church. It was a repeat performance of the other Sundays right down to the prayer for our mentor and her going home to rest.

Later that week our mentor notified us of a change that would take place the next Sunday. She explained to us that we all were doing so well that it was no longer necessary for her to be there physically with us every Sunday. She would, however be there in spirit she promised. I had the oddest feeling about all of that. I just couldn’t shake it. Something didn’t seem right; like we were not getting the whole truth from her. No one else seemed to be bothered and surprisingly no one seemed to sense my doubts, not even my mentor with whom I had shared a special telepathic connection with during the last six years. It didn’t make sense either, that I could read her, but she didn’t seem to be reading me. I decided it was best for me to keep my doubts and questions to myself, at least for a little while until I could make some sense of it all. Maybe this was some sort of test revolving around trust. Only time would tell.

I didn’t know it then, but my life was about to be turned upside down.

(Some definitions from: Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease).

Intro on me:

I remember planning for this life here on earth.

My mother said that she knew the moment of conception because a light appeared and entered her womb.

During my mother’s pregnancy complications arose which put my mother’s life in danger. Her doctor insisted that she meet him at the hospital immediately to terminate the pregnancy. My mother refused to go, telling the doctor that “this baby is going to be born.” She then locked herself in her room where she stayed in bed for three days. The only one who had access to her was, Allie, her housekeeper and trusted friend. My mother had no more complications. In fact, she clamed to have had no labor pains whatsoever in giving birth to me.

My first memory

as a baby took place shortly after my birth. It was early evening. I was all snug in my cradle in the center of my dark room. The door of my room was cracked just enough to allow a sliver of light to enter from the lighted hallway. I was clean, cozy, warm and comfortable. I was fully aware that I was a baby and fully aware of my awareness.
My mother entered my room, lifted me from the cradle and into her arms. We moved out of my room, down the hall and into our large family room that was filled with guests. Men were in suits and the women were wearing A-line style dresses. Almost everyone had a martini glass in hand.
Several women and one man hurried over to take a look at me. The women smiled when they made eye contact with me. As they smiled, a warmth of life giving energy flowed from them like a faint scent of fine perfume. They doted over me and made comments to my mother about my beauty. Then the man chimed in. “Oh, what a beautiful baby!” Those were his words, but his thoughts were not at all congruent. He was lying. The energy around him felt unclean. The only thing I wanted at that moment was to be removed from his presence. Then I sensed that my mother was going to let the man hold me. I sent out a mental alarm to my mother to not allow him to touch me. I was surprised that she was not at all a tune to me at that moment and that she was not at all aware of the deceptive nature of that man. I was very disappointed in my mother, even more so when I felt the first movement that her arms made as she took me away from her chest so that the unclean man could hold me. As a last resort I let out a loud protest. The man retracted his arms and my mother returned me to her chest. A moment later I was back in my cozy little cradle.


I have other babyhood and childhood memories, but I will mention only those that I feel play a significant role in my future.


The next two sections give some background info that has some later significance.

The first year and a half of my life was spent in my father’s hometown.

We lived in close proximity of his parents who would often pop in unannounced, take my brother for “a short ride” and not return him for days. Sometimes they came over when my mother was out and snatched my brother out of the care of our housekeeper, Allie. I do remember one of these times. They treated me like a non- person and brushed me aside as if I was an annoying fly. My mother used to tell me that whenever the grandparents took my brother away, our housekeeper, Allie would take me in her arms and tell me “not to mind them.” She would then dress me in my prettiest dress, put my hair up in bows and tell me how pretty I was. I wish I remember Allie, but I don’t. Sometimes I get teary-eyed thinking of her and what she did for me. Maybe she is the reason I have always loved “Negro Spirituals”, “Black Gospel Music” and felt a sort of kinship with many southern black women.
I also wonder if my brother’s abductions by my father’s parents had any connection to my brother’s ability to speak fluent German while sleeping.

When I was a year and a half old,

my mother, put a leather harness on my older brother and another one on me. She then took out a leather leash that forked off into two leads, one of which she hooked to my brother’s harness and the other one she hooked on to my harness. She then picked up my three-week-old baby brother and we left our home.
This was the start of a very intense experience for all of us, which I may go into detail at another time. The short version is that we left our home, flew to my mother’s hometown in Florida and stayed at my grandmother’s home for the next four years. After that we moved into our own new home, which was a fifteen-minute drive from my grandmother’s and only a few blocks away from my cousin’s home.
Life was good in the new home. Nothing seemed to be missing even though there was no father in the household. My mother never spoke about my father. Whenever my brothers or I ever asked about our father, the only thing we got out of my mother was that he was sick.

Finally one day I gathered up the courage to tell her that I needed to know more. With a hesitation and then a sigh, she began to tell me the story.
She started at the beginning; or, at least her’s and my dad’s beginning together.
It was a sort of love at first sight. My mother began to smile as she recalled the night she met my father. It was the night of her college sorority dance. She was on the dance floor when he first saw her.

(I’m not finished writing about this)

Here is the short version:

Before my parents met, my father was in the Navy. He and a few men were taken for an undisclosed special assignment. They were taken to a military hospital. Against their will they were pumped full of drugs, subjected to tests and unnecessary surgery, and had to endure an unbelievable number of shock “treatments”.
Months later my father was discharged from the hospital with the label of “Paranoid Schizophrenic He was told before he left the hospital that if anyone ever asked about his hospital stay, he was to tell them that he had been treated for a head injury that was caused by an airplane part that had fallen on his head.
After discharge, my father’s father and/or the military controlled my father by making him do routine out patient hospital visits. If he refused, he was forcefully taken and admitted to the hospital until he agreed to cooperate.

Even after my parents were married and had started a family, this method of control continued to be used.

During one of those hospital stays, one of my father’s doctors quietly took my mother aside. He told her that if she wanted her husband and children to have any kind of life, she better get her husband out of the hospital, take him and her children back to her hometown and cut all ties even with his own family The doctor told her that, that city (my father’s hometown) and surrounding area was not safe and that it was no place to be raising a family. He said that if she couldn’t get her husband to leave, that she should take her children, leave with out him and cut all ties with him and his family.

At first my father agreed to go with my mother, but at the last minute he changed his mind and stayed in the hospital and under the control of others.

Many years later and many years after the death of my mother, my father told me a story; the story of the night he first laid eyes on my mother. She was on the dance floor at her sorority dance. He was captivated by her beauty and grace. It was love at first sight…..

As my father relived his memories and the details of his life, tears began to flow. He bowed his head, cradled his face in his hands and wept, “I should have left with Nancy”! He cried. “I should have left with Nancy”!

My father’s story matched perfectly with my mother’s story in every detail.

I know that both my mother and father loved each other to their dying day.



Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Spiritual Hierarchy: structure and purpose

The authors, overseers and the directors of “The Plan” are the Spiritual Hierarchy. The human leaders of “The Plan” are for the most part people who are not known or recognized by the general public. Most of the leaders in the public eye are puppets and pawns. I belonged to a section of “The Plan” that involved the supernatural and didn’t directly interact with these unknown people. I cannot tell you who they are because I have never met them. My only physical contacts were several mentors, two during my youth and one in my adulthood. My contacts from a very early age and in adulthood worked directly with the Ascended Masters of Wisdom. What I know of my section of “The Plan”, I know well and was able to progress to the top of my specialized area.

The rest of what I have written below may shed some light on the structure and workings of this powerful organization.

I came up with a diagram to help illustrate my information about the leaders of the organization whose plan is to install a global government, which is referred to as the New World Order. I had intended to include this diagram in my post, but will have to add it later. I will try to describe the diagram. The diagram is designed to help one understand how the organization works.

Picture a pyramid divided into levels from the foundation on up to the very top. Each level represents a degree of spiritual enlightenment. One advances to a higher level through an initiation where the initiate is trusted with higher esoteric (hidden, occult) knowledge.

Each section or level is organized in such a manner that it can operate independently of the other levels.

Each section is governed by its own hierarchy. Only the top members of each section know that there are levels higher than the one they are working in.

Now, picture the pyramid with a line through the middle going from top to bottom. The left side is shaded dark. The right side is white. The dark side represents Satanism. It is the Brotherhood of the Black Lodge governed by “The Son of Perdition”. The right side is the Brotherhood of the White Lodge of the Ascended Masters of Wisdom. Both sides take orders from the same source. Only the people in the highest level of each Lodge are aware that they are of the same organization, governed by the very same head, which is Lucifer.

The organization is made up of millions of people working for the same cause with varying degrees of awareness of that cause. They come from all age groups, all walks of life, all religions, and all nationalities from all governments. They are all physical people who are being used by the powers of darkness. A famous political figure is just a person in a position of power to be used as a means to manipulate or control the masses. Most of today’s government leaders are puppets and pawns. They, like the rest of the servers have varying degrees of awareness of “The Plan”. The true directors of “The Plan” are mostly unknown names to the general public. They work to influence the people who are in positions of power. If someone in power chooses their own agenda over that of the Plan, they are removed and replaced by one who will serve the higher order or “Will”.

I have two examples of this:

Dag Hammarskjold (1905-1961) September 18, 1961:
Secretary General of the United Nations known for his peace keeping missions in the Congo died when the United Nations DC-6B carrying him crashed in the Rhodesian bush land. My personal testimony is that with my mother’s and my connections, we knew of his death long before the media reported it. When we questioned the purpose of his death, we were told that, “Mr. Hammarskjold’s usefulness had run out.” Within the group it was known that Dag Hammarskjold, the Secretary General of The United Nations was a valuable political figure who unselfishly served what he knew as a Plan to bring world peace. It is my doubt that he was ever aware of the true identities of those who authored “The Plan” or that their reason for wanting the nations united was not for peace.

President John F. Kennedy:
A former associate of mine, a designer of the guidance missile systems was the military adviser to the President during The Bay of Pigs Invasion and The Cuban Missile Crisis. It is his word that the President rejected the U.S. military directive in favor of his own agenda, which not only cost the United States dearly in the Soviet negotiations, but also put the U.S. in a compromised military disadvantage.

One of the reasons the organization works so well is that they work in compartments where all energies are concentrated on specific jobs. Everyone knows the success of the whole requires the unified efforts of many. All of the workers get a piece of the picture puzzle. Everything is on a need to know basis and when one needs to know something for their particular task, they are given only the minimal knowledge required to complete their assignment. Also, the more one is trusted, the more of the whole picture they are shown. Most of the people who serve on the political scene know only their department and those of that department. The identities of those members are kept within that department. Not even blood relatives know what each other’s rank or mission is unless they happen to be in the same department. Even then, if something doesn’t involve a particular family member, it is kept secret from that family member.

So it was with my mother. She knew of some of our ancestors and family members who lived their lives in allegiance to “The Plan”, but of their specific roles, she knew very little. What I knew of my mother’s involvement was that she was an educator and a recruiter and that she worked directly with the spiritual hierarchy on the political scene. She knew who the key players were in world politics and the world’s religions. She knew who were the dedicated servers were and who the pawns were.

Before my mother died in 1971 at the age of 45, she came to me with a frightened and worried look on her face. She said that she had something she wanted to tell me and that she would be in trouble for telling me. She told me that “The Plan’s” sole purpose for forming the United Nations was to usher in “their” Christ (anointed one) and “their” one world government. I was a bit surprised that she would tell me something that was basic knowledge at that time to servers in our division. She then emphasized the importance of my remembering what she had told me.

For many years I thought that my mother had died believing that that “The Plan” was God’s Plan, the masters were of God and we were the chosen elite Christians who were helping to make the world ready for the rule of God’s Christ (anointed one).

I thought this myself until I was taken to my final initiation in which I was introduced to the highest being of “The Plan”, whom I was told was the most illumined of all. Upon this meeting, my Luciferic teachings began and it was revealed to me who the Masters of Wisdom really are and the true purpose of “The Plan”.

I was shown that the Satanists were our brothers and more enlightened than the Christian servers who were still under a degree of deception, not being advanced enough to know the truth. It was then up to me to accept the truth and gladly serve “The Higher Will which the masters know and Serve”. I chose to leave instead; something that usually has dire consequences.

At another time I will go into more detail about that very confusing time in my life; of how I was able to come to my decision to leave the organization and how I am now able to write about this more than 20 years after the fact.

It has been through my thinking back on all of this that I have come to believe that my mother did know before her death the same truth that I was shown years later. I think she wanted to tell me who the masters and the leaders of The Plan really were, but couldn’t because she had reason to fear for the lives of her children. It has occurred to me that she gave me the clues when she came to me many years before to tell me something I already knew; the purpose of The United Nations.

The first clue was that she was afraid and worried, not enthusiastic like she ordinarily was when ever she spoke of the masters and “The Plan”.

The second clue was when she put special emphasis on the word, “their”. She spoke of “their” Christ and “their” one world government.

Third, she broke off all communication with her physical contacts at that time.

These things have led me to believe that my mother loved me enough to not endanger my life by telling me the truth at that time and that she was smart enough to leave me the clues I would need long after she was gone.

On this Mother’s Day, May 11, 2008

I graciously thank you, Mom for so many things. As I think about the love you gave us and the sacrifices you made for us, I wonder if there was any selfishness in you.

And Mom?…..thank you for being my mom.
I never told you before you died…..that I Love You.
I Love You Mom.



Forever, I Love You.


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